A Simple, Reliable, and Doctorless Solution to Malaria Diagnosis


We have worked hard to ensure that our technology is able to diagnose malaria quickly and without the need for a doctor, while still being low-cost and greatly reusable.


Gone are the times of expensive disposable tests, since a single BloodBox can be used 100+ times

Quick Diagnosis

We remove the long waiting times seen with "Rapid Diagnosis" tests, completing diagnosis in just 5 minutes

Easy for Everyone

By simplifying the process of diagnosis, we make malaria testing conductible by anyone

The Product

We have designed a small box that has the same capabilities of a lab based test, while adding the benefit of being both portable and reusable.

The BloodBox
(Still in Development)

The BloodBox is a low-cost, easy-to-use malaria diagnostic tool that enables rapid diagnosis of the disease in areas with limited medical infrastructure. Its innovative design allows for simple use and analysis, making reliable malaria testing accessible to all who need it.

Rapid tests are not always available, microscopy is not always straightforward and, as a result, diagnosis based on symptoms is still normal in much of the developing world.- Médecins Sans Frontières

The malaria parasite has been killing children and sapping the strength of whole populations for tens of thousands of years. It is impossible to calculate the harm malaria has done to the world.- Bill Gates

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